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How to Make Epic Promo Films with Jefe Greenheart, featuring Lewis Howes "The School of Greatness"

How to Make Epic Promo Films

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Want to create a powerful promotional video?  You probably already know that the right video can help you go places, but where do you start?  If you’re a video producer,…

Motivational Mondays : Embracing the Naysayer

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This year I’ve dealt with some big challenges. But that energy can either crush you or propel you forward. It all depends on your relationship with this one archetype that…

Moments of Magic

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Ode to this goofy guy and our wacky family.
My father-in-law Laren Schiller is constantly a great example of creativity and resourcefulness.
He can throw together a Halloween costume and a way to entertain the kids in no time. He dug up all these grubs (fated to be rhinoceros beetles) from the compost pile, and put them in a box labeled “Special Treats, take only one”. Both parents and kids were excited for what they may find inside, and everyone was universally disgusted…and delighted. His Bubba Redneck outfit with gnarly teeth was spot on.
This guy is a great example of the kind of Dad I endeavor to be one day. Always thinking of fun ways to entertain others.
We’re sad Halloween is officially over. It’s always a great excuse to get in costume and express ourselves. But that won’t stop us from continuing to find ways to dress up and bring a splash of color into everyday life.
Who do you look to as a mentor? I believe finding these figures is more important than ever these days… #Halloween #halloweencostume #happyhalloween #redneck #creativity #family #ghtv #alien #prank #greenheart #greenhearttv #dad

Moments of Magic

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Remember that race I was telling you about!? I surprised myself and actually placed 3rd in my age division!!! Not so shabby for wearing big clunky basketball shoes and having danced my butt off at a Halloween party the night before.
The coolest thing about this journey has been working toward our fitness goals together as a couple. Kelly is making great strides, and we get to feed off each other’s energy and get inspired!
Kelly was a little nervous about rolling out of bed super early for a race, as she’s not too keen on competition. But it couldn’t have felt any better than what we experienced at the “Run for the Water” by the Gazelle Foundation. Each run participant funds one Burundi citizen the chance for clean water for life. What a worthwhile cause! Once you get out and do something meaningful, all the butterflies in your stomach subside. It’s the spirit of service & cooperation.
I think I’m getting hooked on the concept of charity runs, and have some ideas up my sleeve to make them more fun… As Gilbert Tuhabonye the race founder said, “RUN WITH JOY.” #gazelle foundation @run4thewater #fitness #running #burundi #ididitforsomeoneinburundi #atx #funrun #greenheart #ghtv #greenhearttv #lensoflove #5k #marathon #triathlete #training

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